Best Dog Food For Congestive Heart Failure

Every dog owner hopes for the very best for their canines. Unfortunately, at times we must acknowledge that our dearly loved dog has medical conditions that need to be sorted out. For this specific article, let us concentrate on what is canine congestive heart failure and how to make nutritionally reliable selections to prevent the worsening of this ailment.

Heart disease is caused by an aberration in yourcanine’s heart structure and performance. Usually, what happens is that this defect causes the dog’s heart to decrease its ability to pump blood well which leads to ultimate heart failure for the already weakened dog. Often there will be no indicating signals of this ailment until it is in its final stages so we would do well to read and learn about the best dog food for congestive heart failure – it is one of the most effective tools to avoid this from occurring in your dog.

As with humans, a reduced salt diet will assist in keeping the health of the cardiovascular system. Try this, cook 1/4 lb of lean beef ground meat with 2 cups of unsalted rice and 2 teaspoons dicalcium phosphate in vegetable oil. You can also use premium commercial pet food but check the nutritional value and consult with your vet before making any changes in the dog’s diet and lifestyle.

Another important nutrient that could be supplemented in your dog’s daily food intake is Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 seems to not only lessen the risk of congestive heart illnesses for dogs, but with other potentially fatal heart ailments as well. Omega-3 is found abundantly in sea food and fish oil supplements.

Vitamin E can also raise the antioxidant levels in the dog’s cardiovascular reserves. Studies have constantly shown that Vitamin E can help animals suffering from heart complications. When you are using a particular pet food, ensure that it has not been in storage for a very long period of time – especially if its nutritional content indicates that it has high unsaturated fat. This is one factor that contributes in depleting the pet’s vitamin E.

Other nutrients that aid in improved canine cardiovascular function are Taurine and L-Carnitine. L-carnitine improves the dog’s heart rate, tolerance for activities and protection against many types of heart diseases. L-carnitine in partner with Taurine is acknowledged as good helpers in maintaining cardiac health for animals. Taurine specifically is said to extend the life expectancy of canines with congestive heart disease.

When planning the right diet, do not neglect also the importance of exercise in relation to preventive measures of canine congestive heart failure. A symptom of this ailment is the dog’s extreme exhaustion after exercising; so when you notice that the dog is exhibiting signs of labored breathing and excessive fatigue – take him to the vet for prognosis immediately.

Hearing news of a beloved pet’s life threatening condition is often understandably upsetting. Just a little effort and learning about the best dog food for congestive heart failure will go a long way in keeping your dog’s heart health. Remember this and be sure to look forward to your dog’s best years to date.

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